Monday, July 4, 2011


Dug out my copy of Kromosome today. For those who have never heard of this game it was one of the titles for TSR's Amazing Engine game line. While the Amazing Engine system leaves something to be desired this cyberpunk setting is rather well done. Squeezing in setting information, full game rules, all the needed system stuff for cyberware, bioware (genemods), netrunning, you name it; all into 141 pages. It's worth buying just to mine for ideas.

One of my favorite ideas is the Microcorp. The players basically form their own during character creation. Deciding what services or goods they offer, how they are going to go about making money, etc. It's a really neat angle to take with the game instead of just mercenaries out for a quick buck like most cyberpunk games.

I'll be posting up a few more things out of it as I give it a reread over the next few weeks. Heck I need to just write out a full review on it someday.

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