Friday, July 8, 2011

Datafortress 2020

Just for those who may not have noticed.

Over on the right side is a small section called 'Gaming sites I recommend'. It's rather short right now but one day I will get around to adding to it. Anyways there is one called Datafortress 2020. Now what the guy behind this site did took a lot of work. He has been gathering Cyberpunk 2020 material off of the net for years. Some of it from sites that vanished. When GeoCities announced it was disappearing he went into action.

He started contacting site owners, authors and anybody else he could to get permission to host their material. Following years old emails on pdfs, doing web searches for names and asking for help on various forums about getting ahold of these people.

Amazingly he managed to track down a whole lot of them. So all this material that may have been lost to the shut downs of the net has been saved and stored. My hat is off to him for this effort, not a small undertaking was this. If for all your Cyberpunk 2020 fan material needs, Datafortress 2020 is the only place to go.

Give it a look. It's just right over there on the right.


  1. Cool site. I used the GitS material years ago. The original site had conversions for various game systems.

    This site has phishing sites associated with it, though. Make sure you security features are up to date.

  2. Most likely coming from his webhost. Also some of his weblinks are out of date and lead to those fake 'search' pages and such.

  3. I love that site. The Interlock Unlimited system is now my preferred game system.

  4. Thank you Peter, always nice to be appreciated... and yeah, one of these days when employment is stable enough I need to just go ahead and pay for webspace, free of nonsense...

    Sorry if the host is causing people problems... and glad that people are enjoying IU.

    Thanks again my friend.