Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Class/role ideas

Okay I'm going to go with classes in my cyberpunk game I am trying to make. But I'm going to make two groups. One for street level type of games and one for the high end special ops type of groups. Just off the top of my head.

Street level classes- Courier, Musician, Freelancer (media type), hacker, street tech, some sort of freelance thug or bodyguard class, cop

Special Op level classes - Corporate executive, Security Specialist, a Tech class, a hacker class, police captain

All of this is up in the air as to how I will sort it out in make them different. Most likely giving the Special Op classes more starting points or some really nifty class only skills.


  1. Are you thinking classic classes ala D&D or more like starting packages for a point buy system?

  2. Actually I'm thinking of going with the D6 Space for system. The classes will be templates with a little more bite to them. Some of which will be surrounding when they can use the wild die in a roll.