Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Roll a D20 - Magic potion side affects.

Roll a D20. This potion has gone bad what is the side affect?

  1. You go blind for one hour
  2. Everything you say is amplified three times louder than it should be.
  3. Your bowels immediately empty.
  4. You suddenly lose all sense of balance and cannot stand upright for twenty minutes.
  5. You begin to bleed from your nose, eyes and ears, this lasts for fifteen minutes.
  6. Your finger and toe nails suddenly grow two inches longer it the process is very painful.
  7. Your spoken language is changed to that of an ancient dead language for two days.
  8. Immediate projectile vomiting while screaming uncontrollably.
  9. For now on whenever you close your eyes you become invisible.
  10. Your skin color changes to that of a bright red.
  11. Your body changes to that of the opposite gender, this lasts for a full week.
  12. Your knees scream in agony for ten minutes, then stop hurting but now they bend the wrong way.
  13. Touching gold now causes second degrees burns to your skin.
  14. The skin of your face goes smooth and stretches tightly rendering you unrecognizable.
  15. Rashes of blisters now appear all across your body. Goes away after a week or two.
  16. Your hair falls out and when it regrows it is thin and transparent.
  17. Your strength is doubled for next ten hours.
  18. Your hands swell and become to large to use for anything. This lasts for an hour.
  19. Any injuries you have heal up a bit, if this was a healing potion to begin with the effect is doubled.
  20. You lose all since of touch for the next twenty four hours.

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