Thursday, October 12, 2017

Jaded Gamer Diary - Damn it Atlas.

Well Atlas just dropped a bit of news on the upcoming Over The Edge reboot. 

You can read what they said here.

Evidently they are doing an all new system for a 'new generation' to go with it as well.  That about sucked all my interest and excitement I had for it right out the window.  New generation systems like FATE and Power By The Apocalypse do absolutely nothing for me.  They actually manage to make me not have fun at the gaming table.  So I'm looking at this news as the new edition being a regular shit show for a fan of the classic like me. 

I used to really like Atlas Games to.  But damned if that's not something really hard to do nowdays.  Especially after they priced Unknown Armies 3rd edition so high that it only looked reasonably priced compared to a full buy in for DnD 5th ed. 

Now they are going to mess with one of the two things that made OtE great.  It was both the setting and the system that worked so good together.  It was different, it was unique.  It spawned imitators and those imitations spawned imitators.  Now Atlas is going to evidently imitate the imitations of the imitations of what they originally made.  Shit sounds like seventies Playboy or something. 

I'll look at the Kickstarter, but I'm damned sure not buying in if it smells like some of the current batch of 'new generation' systems out there.  Damned sure not backing without seeing at least a quickstart.  Also not backing if they price it anywhere near the way they did UA.

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