Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kult There Will Be Blood session two

This weeks session recap.

Only one player couldn't make it due to illness which is something I can handle.  Although it took a bit of the potential fighting ability from the group should danger arise (which it did) his character not being there wasn't a game killer.  Plus it was easy to explain him away, simply said the character had fallen ill as well.

It picked up a couple days after the last game and they were still trying to piece together what had happened.  Lucy, who had tried the new drug last session, had found herself desperately wanting more and no other drug would give her that fix she now needed.  They all began investigations using what sources they had and using a hacker their boss had tipped them off to.


The body of Jones had turned up.  After their hacker friend got some information from the police computers they find out his body was in the large hookah they saw the last session.

The hookah itself was a strange mess of tubes, liquids and a small cooker in the bottom.  With some strange arcane symbols etched around the inside of it.  Andrew thought the symbols looked familiar but isn't sure.

Former users in the area are buying up more drugs now trying to get the fix they were once getting.  They are also buying from other sources than Hume since it was his people that got the place raided by the police.  Thus the source of their loss.

Drugs sales in another part of town are dropping rapidly in a run section on C Street.

The gut puking bad guys body was discovered.  Nine miles from where the players thought they killed him.  His body having been cut open, guts laid out and another symbol in blood drawn around him.  All in the playground of a shut down elementary school.  Also the police identified him as a well off lawyer that had gone missing eight months ago. 

No new info on Philanthropist Inc.

Then on with doing some footwork and heading down to C Street:

After talking with some locals and spotting a guard who was at the last hookah location they discover another one in an abandoned building.  They guys at the door would only let Jeff, Tammy and Lucy in but turned away Andrew and Shelly without really giving a reason (they then went on to find other ways in). 

Lucy immediately took a hit much to the dismay of Jeff who thought it was a bad idea.  Tammy, being a drug chemist herself, decided to take a hit also to see if she could figure it out just form the effects.  From that she determined that there is something really wrong here and she has no idea how to replicate this form of high, especially the hallucinations experienced which were like seeing bits of another persons memories. 

After a bit of work and messing around Jeff finally finds a way to get the top of the hookah and opens the top revealing a deep blue colored liquid, rather thick and slimy.  Then discovered the body of another person inside of it with some tubes stuck in him matching the injuries they saw on Jones autopsy photo.  Jeff gets a sample of the goop and they start to head out.  But not before one of the other users tells Tammy that the boss still expects payment for the meeting last time and they have three days to decide which of them will die.

Then back at Hume's bar they examine everything they have discovered.  Tammy does a field test on the blue liquid and comes to the conclusion that, whatever it is, should be causing the effects they were getting at all.  As they discuss this Lucy starts to come out of her high and spots a glowing crack in the air before her when she reaches out she accidently pulls her, and the group, through the illusion into a side reality of the bar much like they saw after their fight with the gut puker last time.

Grabbing up some paperwork on the tables that looked important to what they were doing the group decides to try and find their way out of the building.  Only to be attacked outside by a large creature of flesh, steel and glass with a snap jawed head somewhat like a crocodile.  In the ensuing battle Jeff is fatally wounded as the thing runs it's fingers through his chest and Lucy suffers under its jaws and is flung off to the side.  Andrew hotwires a car in the parking lot and runs the thing over and they pull their injured friends back inside.  Suddenly, just as quickly as it happened, they find themselves back in their regular reality.

Lucy and Jeff are hauled off to the hospital and Hume tells the others to get out of there before the police grab them up as well.  Andrew wakes up in the ER, hooked to life support, unable to move only regaining consciousness for a moment before passing back out. 

Thus ended that nights session.


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