Monday, November 21, 2016

Jaded Gamer Diary - Kickstarter thoughts over the years.

I've dodged the bullet on many a Kickstarter project it seems.  Although I have had the shitty experience of supporting a couple of turds as well.  But here is an overview of my dodges, what I'm glad to have backed and some pain in the ass moments.  Just a few highlights.

So glad I did not back Far West.  Five years out and it's still not released.  It would have been the first KS that I backed and the premise sounded neat.  But a little voice in the back of my head just said to wait until it is released to look a the book.  That and I wasn't happy with material only being available to backers, reeks to much of the 'collectible RPG' idea.  But I didn't back and man I am happy I didn't as it doesn't seem GMS will ever get the book out and has moved onto having Adamant reboot itself with other lines now.

KODT Live Action Series.  I was really damned tempted on this one.  Been a KODT fan since the early Shadis days of it's existence.  A live action version just screamed for me to back it.  But then I saw Ken Whitman attached to it.  Heard some bad press about him before and remembered his RapidPOD scam that had people wondering where stuff they paid for was.  Not to mention how badly he fumbled up the 2nd edition version of the Highlander card game even going as far as trying to continue to put stuff out for it and make an RPG without having the license.  Sadly a lot of folks didn't dodge any of Kens bullets and are out their cash with nothing that is ever going to show for it.

Numenera.  Yeah Monte Cook Cash Grabs and their 'backers last' fulfillment process.  Decided I would never spend another dime on their stuff again and I still haven't.  By the time I finally got my copy... which was MONTHS after it was available through regular distribution... I had zero desire to even read it.  Which I haven't and never will.  It can rot away in a box for all I care.

Wicked Fantasy from John Wick.  Still a solid damn book and I was happy to have backed this one.  Wick puts out good stuff, I think he's gotten most of it out on time and it's all been top quality.  I also backed Wield at a very high level although I ended up not liking it as much as I had hoped. 

7th Sea I didn't back after I read the quickstart rules.  The changes were not to my liking and the overall system wasn't anything I wanted to play or run.  But thanks to him offering up the quickstart before you back I was able to make that decision.  Was happy to see it succeed but it just didn't fit on my shelf.

Kult whatever edition.  Lies and subterfuge was the lead up to the start of the Kickstarter.  Shady on what system they were going to use and how was one that would 'fade into the background'.  Then it turned out to be Powered by the Apocalypse which doesn't fade into the background at all and is overall the system I hate the most.  Then they lied and said it was originally based off PbtA but changed a lot... then a few tiny previews came out and that was a lie as well.  It was still mostly PbtA and very much close to that cloth.  THEN the multiple editions to fuck over collectors as an attempt to rake in some extra cash.  THEN making thing they said would only be available through the Kickstarter (even though they could easily be POD) as an attempt to rake in some extra cash.  Yeah just a shitty thing all over and I'm glad I didn't back.  People are still waiting for a lot of the lead up promises to occur, including those who backed at a higher level just to playtest and haven't been given anything. 

Unknown Armies.  I love Unknown Armies, I own all the previous books and I managed to get in as a rumor monger in 2nd edition.  But damned talked about pricing a book out of reach.  Over a hundred bucks just to get started (and NO I never paid for the DnD books) was just something I could not justify.  Still trying to figure out how you can justify a game that has had only lackluster sales through both edition with a high priced third.  Whatever... don't want gamers without a lot of money to toss around getting your games so be it.  Not to mention getting a smart ass answer to the complaints of the pricing. 

The Sla Industries miniature combat game.  Yeah the company that wants to special limited edition everything as an attempt to rake every dime they can out of their fans.  Daruma simply made me say 'fuck that shit'.  Now I'm being told a lot of new setting stuff and great artwork that would make a great RPG book for Sla will only be used, and available, in the mini game.  So double fuck that for supporting the RPG in the future as well.  Trying to get us to by the mini game just for more material what the fuck ever.

I backed a lot more.  Some were good, others just okay.  These are the Kickstarters that stick out in my head though.

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