Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Jordon and Joseph

Where Astoria and Aedarius represented the creation and end of life. The next to gods represent the creation and destruction of nearly everything else. The twins Jordan and Joseph are the opposites of one another but also necessary forces in the world for just as everything must be created in order to exist all things are eventually destroyed and cease to be.

Jordon the Creator. Dark brown skin with black hair kept tightly trimmed down. His portrayal is always that of wearing the clothing of the working class, a brick layers thick heavily shouldered shirts, a blacksmiths leather apron, a field workers simple robes. His physical size is always greater than that of a common man, taller than any other deity save his brother and physically massive beyond what is possible. On a belt he carries tools of various trades while in his hand he holds a cord knife as Astoria because of their relationship through creation and life. His followers tend to be masons, woodworkers and teachers.

Joseph the Destroyer. Identical to his brother in size and mass but with long unkempt hair in dreadlocks that hang down his back. While he is always shown wearing the armor of a soldier, battered, dented and very worn in. In Kainis it is realized that with military actions comes destruction with no way to avoid, but is necessary for the world to carry on. He carries various weapons strapped to his body but in his hand is an arrow of Aedarius because of their relationship through destruction and death. His followers tend to be soldiers, mercenaries and sorcerers.

They rarely have formal full scale temples set up in their honor. But do have numerous shrines and dedications. Battlefields and training grounds have those for Joseph while guild halls and schools have them for Jordon. In the capital of Kainis there is a formal temple for Jordon in the form of a great hall built from stone, a marvel of architecture in and off itself. Rows of books, scroll and tools line the halls. While Joseph has a temple in the form of a historical battlefield just inside the walls. Building are left as they fell and graves line what were once streets.

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