Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Jaded Gamer Diary - Division is inevitable

Fuck it.  Division is something that must happen.

I know everybody keeps wanting all the gamers in the world to sing in one song and be a big happy community.  Well in case you haven't noticed that shit ain't happening.  It will never happen by any stretch or leap of the imagination.  Some groups may get along but others will in no way ever get along with each other.

Honestly I'm fine with that. 

This is an opinion I have finally come to after years of being one of the hopelessly hopeful fools who thought gaming could over come all differences.  Railing against people who strived to create more fractures and divisions than were already there, putting up with people who I personally did not like at all and so much more.  It was over the last handful of years that I sat back and really just stopped attempting and just watched the fires.

But now I sit back and realize that there are several people I never want to sit down at a table with for any reason.  Whether it be political beliefs, various groups or movements they support or even just how they act in public.  There are so many damned hate spewing cowards with fan followings that I've lost count.  To much 'hug the bully' bullshit acting like victims who fight back are wrong. 

Now I won't ever publish a list of people to boycott or companies to shun.  There are people, who if I see their name in a book, will prompt me to not buy it no matter how good it may be.  Some companies whose logo is just a turd in my eyes.  I encourage everyone to fall into the splits and fractures however they want.  We don't need to be united in our hate just like we will never be united in what we love.

So love gaming but feel more than damned free to hate as well. 

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