Sunday, November 27, 2016

City State of Kainis setting overview

A quick overview of some of the background setting for the City State of Kainis.  This is a rough draft so it may not read all that well.


Kainis is the largest city state on the continent of Sil-Tarren. Having grown from the ashes of what was left of the world from a great cataclysm which occurred a little over one hundred years earlier. A location where survivors of multiple shattered kingdoms came together in an effort to rebuild and survive in a land that was broken. Old grudges were tossed aside and those who were once enemies found themselves dependent on another. Cultures, ethnic traditions and race were all mixed together in one great melting pot to poor forth a new realm.

A ruling council comprised of surviving family lines of old lead this infant kingdom. Slowly pushing their borders out to retake what was once civilized country side that has now been reduced to wilderness and ruins. While dealing with smaller warbands and nomadic tribes also comprised of the descendants of those who survived. Not all are interested in joining with the new nation as it creeps across the land.

They have come to follow a religion that, like themselves, is comprised of ideas carried from many different cultures. All worked together into an idea of balance and dual forces that propel the world forward. Temples are built and prayers are answered for the clerics wield powers that come as a blessing.

A network of guilds have reformed spreading their trades in return for control and power. Various others have set up less savory organizations in their bids to shape things. There is still political infighting, backstabbing and greed as there always will be. Only the chessboard is different now.

Races of the old world have been changed forever. Humans are the most plentiful making up the vast majority of the population. Some Dwarves have survived the ages mostly still digging in the mountains beside Kainis hoping to carve out new numbers. The Orcs are gone, lost in their madness that came with the Cataclysm, those who are encountered are twisted and evil beyond imagining. Elvin kind with numbers over a handful at a time haven't been seen in over a hundred years. All others are believed to have been wiped from existence.

The roles of the characters in this world is one of two ways. First they could be the bands of adventurers, eager to make a name for themselves, spread their faith or fill their pockets. Heading out into the wilderness to help retake what was lost. Find the ruins of keeps and cities still filled with riches and danger. Or they could be tied up in the political fighting within the city. Representing a guild and pursuing their goals, maybe as members of a thieves guild plying their trade on the streets. Or even as servants for the ruling families.


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