Monday, January 13, 2014

The Baalarashi bare bones write up

Been working on the GMC write ups for the playtest of 'Question of Faith'.  Just some quick baddies for the characters to fight to try out the mechanics and the mods put in place for the setting.

Here is the bare bones write up for the Baalarashi.  It will be expanded later on giving more details, including habits of the Demon, ways to spot it and a lot more description on it's abilities.  Right now it's just the basics so I can get the alpha playtest rules done and ready to go.


These are demons that infect a normal person. Strands of black tight flesh grow through the body making it tougher and giving them some very disturbing abilities. Control is total as this demon even takes complete control of their mind. Once infected there is no way to be cured.

Attack and Defense: Stay the same as they were prior to infection.

Hit Points: There is a ten point gain due to the strands being tougher than normal flesh.

Traits: Stay the same as they were prior to infection.

Special abilities:

Vomit guts: 3 dice – The demon literally vomits the intestines of the body out onto an attacker. The initial hit does no damage but instead wraps around the target. After that they squeeze for 3 dice each round, older Baalarashi may have a damage multiplier of X2 or even X3 at the GM's discretion. Armor offers no defense against this damage unless it is plate. After a target is dead the demon sucks it's guts back into itself.

Contortionist: 3 dice – The demon can use the strands in itself to force the body to move in directions not normal. Even damaging itself in the process. This makes the thing very hard to imprison or restrain.

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