Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cyberpunk Sunday 3.04 - Blackmail, Big Brother and Fashion

Some people still have this romantic image of all hackers as white hat good guys fighting the power.  Well they definitely are not all like that.  Some use their skill in attempt to make themselves rich through whatever means they can find.  Here is a case of Chinese hackers blackmailing a man for a pretty good sum of cash.

Of course the governments want in on the control as well using the most Big Brother means necessary.  This time the Ukraine goes to show us just how far they will take to intimidate the masses they wish to control.  If you think the major governments of the world haven't tried anything like this you are only fooling yourself.  Only they probably didn't let anybody know they were monitoring, just stored up all the phones being used and added those people to a watch list.

Now for something a little less along the lines of 'Oh shit' and back towards 'Oh cool'.  More development into the area of wearable tech.  How about some Bluetooth rigged jewelry that is fashionable and functional.  Also probably easier to access by hackers and government than ever before as well....

That's is this weeks Cyberpunk Sunday.  See you next week for three more.

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