Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cyberpunk Sunday 3.02 Contacts, Armstar and reflections

First up is the developing technology of hi-tech contact lenses.  Currently in development are lenses with curved LCD displays in them.  While the article doesn't give a lot of 'where they are at right now' on the development phase the sure do have some high hopes for these.  Be kind of neat to get driving directions this way.  Although one has to wonder about glitches, or the contact slipping and an image suddenly blocking an essential field of view.

High Tech Contact Lenses

Next up is the Armstar wearable self defense system.  It's a lot of tech and some taser built into a device you wear on your wrist.  First saw mention of this over on the Twitter feed of Seattle super hero Phoenix Jones as he is apparently getting one of the first commercial models.  I am wonder about how durable they are, like if you hit it against something or block a blow with it. 

Armstar - The Future of Self Defense

Lets get down to really pulling every bit of information out of a picture now.  How about seeing who was watching the picture get take by identifying them through their reflection in a persons eye.  Right now they are only able to do this with some very specific camera set ups.  But as camera tech continues to improve this may be something that can be done with any photograph down the road.

Reflections on the Eyeball

That is it for todays short and sweet installment of Cyberpunk Sunday.  See you next week.

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