Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cyberpunk Sunday 3.03 Digital Sun, Smart Spam and the NSA.

The smog continues to grow thick in China.  Last year the levels broke all recordable records and the systems sat up to measure it simply couldn't measure high enough.  Now the government is piping in the sunrise for it's people to see... on a big television screen.  The land of no corporate regulations sees everything through a gray haze that shows no signs of letting up.

Digital sunise screens in Tiananmen Square.

Ah yes smart devices.  Little security and even less foresight in design.  Now these wonderful things crowding our homes are being turned into zombie systems to send out spam and other such things.  Even a refrigerator is getting in on the act.  How many things in your home are all ready to be turned into spam spewing hotspots?

Someone's refrigerator just performed a cyberattack.

Oh and the NSA.  When they aren't collecting up every single scrap of data they are able to they are busy telling lies about doing it.  Everytime we turn around there is more revealed about the depths to which the government agency has sank.  Big Brother is indeed alive and well in the United States and he is watching everyone.

The NSA continues to tell even more lies.

Okay that's it for this Sunday.  See you in another week.

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