Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cyberpunk Sunday 3.01 Replacement Parts

Today for Cyberpunk Sunday I'll be firing off three quick links and then letting you get back to your day.  Although my day isn't going anywhere as I'm watching the snow fall and seal me deeper and deeper in my home.  Can it be summer soon I need to take a break from complaining about the cold so I can complain about the heat for a while.

First up.  First full on artificial heart transplant.  Not meant to be an aid to keep you going until the donor for transplant comes along but a full on replacement for good.  Supposed to keep pumping for at least five years but in reality they really don't know until it's been five years.  Organ replacement technology onward!

Next up is a little video of the worlds first bionic mind controlled leg goes for a walk.  Tricky business here because the slightest mistake could send the amputee wearing it tumbling down a set of stairs or tumbling sidewise into traffic.  Limb replacement technology onward!

Now for some full on transhumanism roots.  The artificial womb.  Now of course this has started up the proverbial shitstorm among religious beliefs, discussions on morale and on and on.  Personally I'm on the fence on this but not for the reasons many others are stating.  I mean the good old fashion way of reproduction is not something I would want to give up as it's probably one of the best feeling activities to engage in.  Replacement for reproduction ... um... wait...

That's all for this week.  Hope to be back in seven for another installment. 

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