Friday, June 10, 2011

Time of the Void

Been reading the Time of the Void sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings. It covers that events that took place in the first storyline arc of the CCG. That was the time that I was actually playing the CCG really heavy so I remembered a lot of the events and found myself smiling several times. Really happy to read more of what actually went down and all the storyline stuff they put into it. Just pretty damn sweet.

It also reminded me how much I like the setting of L5R. Great story in there, and both the CCG and RPG had some amazing mechanics. If I ever get the time to run a game again I may actually have to try my hand at running it. Would have to write up an intro packet for my players for some of the terms and setting details. Not to mention fiddling with little bits of the setting here and there.

Yeah I always liked the 'faux oriental' type of stuff. Even my first MMORPG was steeped heavily in it (12 Sky). But around here nobody else really got a lot of interest in it more than some other card players. Maybe one day I will try to get it going.


  1. Great setting and one of the deadliest systems I've ever played. I'm not sure if I have that sourcebook or not.

  2. Still won't let me comment on my own posts.

    Thinking if I do run it about using first edition since I can get a rule book or two cheap. The latest version is expensive as all get out.