Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Fears: NE old playtest report.

Two years ago, on my old Livejournal blog. I was keeping track of some of my playtest games for Little Fears: Nightmare edition (which is very well done btw). Here is the entry from June 13, 2009.


Some highlights of the playtest session from the other night.

The kids sneak into an abandoned house that is next door to Old Mister Crumpe's house so they can spy on him. When they find a room with a window they can use they also find notes from the child who used to live in the room. Notes detailing the old man following them, people who entered his house and never left, notes about things they saw in his yard... These notes were written in crayon around the window.

Hearing a series of metallic clicks all through the house and then discovering those clicks were all the doors locking themselves. Including the lock on the door for the room they were in. An added plus was the little knob to lock it was on their side of the door.

Zombie cop. Especially since that instead of the usual random moan is croaking out a slow drawn out 'help me'.

'I can' lie my way out of anything.

The npc next door neighbor kid who has a strange hang up with skulls. Then while searching for something that was dropped in the tall grass around Old Mister Crumpe's house he raises up and says 'look a skull!' and is holding an actual skull. Then suddenly everybody realizing the reality of the situation.

Sarah finding a gravestone with her name on it. With her birthday listed and todays date as the day she died.

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