Thursday, June 2, 2011

BG woes... use your damn tools.

Sometimes I wonder how many people are actually using the tools available to them while fighting in a BG. Seriously to many times in Warsung Gulch have I seen someone call out 'Where are the FC's?'. Or not noticing that there is no defense at the Mine or whatever during an Arathi fight. Really? Not to mention some of the people bitching how other people are playing are the ones making these mistakes.

Minimap, Shift+M, it shows up in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Would you all fucking use it please?

See in areas where you fighting for control it will show you each point and colored to represent who has it. Blue for Alliance, red for Horde and grey for neutral. No more having to ask 'Who has the Mage Tower?' in Eye of the Storm for the flag runner. Just a quick look and you know.

Also it has a little dot for everybody on your side. Giving you and idea of where to go when you have a flag to get some defense. If you have a moment or two to spare before making your move you can mouse over the dot and get a name list of who it is. Running towards the healers is usually a good call, or calling out to one what route you will be taking once you pick up the flag. This it something foreign to some folks, it's called tactics, but I'll rant about that another time.

These dots can also change a bit. They get a little triangle pointing in the direction they are moving if the toon is in a siege engine. In Tol Borad the unmanned sieges show up on the map even. Very helpful for backing up a push to break down a wall.

In some battlegrounds, like Strand of the Ancients, it shows the gates. Along with changing their icon when they are damaged or broken through. The more you know of whats going on where you aren't the better off you are to react and change you plans.

Now it also lets you know where flag carriers are. In Eye of the Storm it shows up blank in the middle of the map and then goes to the color of which ever side is carrying it. Warsung it goes a bit different though. When somebody grabs the enemy flag it immediately shows up so you can immediately react and move into a position to help defend them. However when your flag is grabbed by the enemy they get a short grace period before showing up on the map. Not to long maybe twenty seconds or so but it gives them time to get a bit of a sneaky head start. But soon enough they pop up on the mini and you can go after them.

So in the end the minimap is a damn good and very useful tool that everyone has. It would be an act of stupidity to not use it actually. So hit that shift + M and pull it up and keep a passing eye on it. Nothing about it will hurt you and all it can do is help.

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