Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cyberpunk Sunday 003

This time we are going to take a look at some links that have a particular interest to the idea of heavily armed gangs as well as a few ideas for Nomad types.

As many know the war on drugs and the cartels that are behind it has been raging in Mexico for several years now. It's been a violent and bloody fight that has left thousands dead. The cartels arm their 'soldiers' very well and when that's not enough they get creative. This time in the area of armored vehicles. Some of these are things straight out of gangland near future fiction.

This first one is an awesome 'narcotank'. I mean this thing looks pretty well put together and very capable of doing it's job. It's hosted on yahoo so don't expect it to stay forever (they tend to delete old news after a while) so grab the picture now.

See the tank

Up next is a youtube video in spanish showing some of the various vehicles Mexican officials have siezed. There are quite a variety ranging from the simple to the more extreme.

Watch the video

Here is another short article showing another big armored vehicle along with a video to watch with it. This one was apparently stopped due to the failure to add some protection to the tires.

Read and watch it

Finally we look at one last link showing something a bit different. Undersea trafficking using fiberglass submarines. The one in the story was carrying around 4 tons of cocaine, but that space could be used for all sorts of purposes in a cyberpunk future.

See the subs

Now the next time you write a bit of cyberpunk fiction or run a game of Cyberpunk 2020 and the gangs start rolling out the armored vehicles you have something to show them. No more cries of 'they can't have those' from the players.

Also keep in mind that Nomads would most likely have a few things like these stashed here and there or hauled in a trailer for whenever they run up on trouble.

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