Saturday, June 11, 2011

Be a Better Player 5. Sometimes... you just have to leave...

I'm doing this segment without a little example of play. For what I'm talking about this time I don't really think it's necessary at all. You see sometimes a few of the other players are the problem, or the GM, and it's dragging the game way down. Some times it makes you miserable, you aren't happy playing and showing up for the game is something that inspires dread. So as a player there is one thing you need to remember and it's the topic this time.

You can leave the game.

Now I know this is something that a lot of folks just don't seem to want to do. I know, I've been there. Having dedication to the group once you've agreed to play is something I value, showing up for the game is something I've done an article on before. But even I will admit you can't always continue to show up for something once it turns into something you can no longer stand.

Repeating to attempt to play like this can lead to burnout and discouragement from the hobby. Something that is not good. There is also a tendency to become the 'bad player' in the group. Detracting from everyone else's fun just because you aren't having any. Not a reputation I would like to earn myself.

Every gamer out there, players and GM's, all agree on one thing. You are involved in the rpg hobby to have fun. The problem arises when it comes down to what one person considers fun in comparison to what is fun for another. We just can't all agree on the details, or more precisely the process of creating that fun.

First exhaust your options. Talk to the GM off to the side and explain why you aren't having fun, be sure to do so in a rational manner. Also get a few of the other players off to the side and see if they are having the same problem as well. Just talking to others tends to get a lot of problems worked out. The GM may be unaware of what they are doing or the other players may feel the same as you. I've also had a group point me to a few other groups whose style of play was more to my liking, now that was a class act group of players.

If it can't be helped and it keeps going to the same old direction then it's time to exit the game. Just be sure to do so in a polite manner, but don't lie about it either. Just coming out and saying it's not working for you and you're not having fun at all should be enough for most group. Being a dick and burning bridges just hurts you down the line nine times out of ten, after all, many local gamers talk to each other. Giving them a false story of why you want out can bite you if they ever find out you lied to them.

But some folks can't handle polite or honesty and they will still be pissy about it when you leave. Don't worry that they are getting all butthurt over it. If they act this way over someone parting ways just imagine how much worse things could get if you stay.

So in the end, if things just aren't working out, just leave. There are other groups out there, some may be a bit of a pain to find but they are out there. Be careful not to let it build up into a 'flameout' as you leave.

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  1. id have to disagree with the pull people to the side bit. For the soul purpose of basically ganging up on someone. Issues arise. Be an adult go o.o.c. (out of character) And address the table/group as a whole and see if that can sort things out. Politely ask for a moment to speak o.o.c of course state the issues as a whole as a group or your targeting and basically making a click that will make others feel unwelcome. Other then that one thing I believe this was very nicely put together.