Monday, February 11, 2019

Cyberpunk 2020 - The MacGregors

The MacGregors

A rapidly expanding poser gang has moved into Night City. Having originated over in the EU and then slowly crossing over onto the east coast then the midwest and now the east coast. This group has a huge fascination with Scotland highlanders of old, or more accurately an obsession of how they have been portrayed in films and media for the last thirty or so years. Decking themselves out in kilts, monoswords and old style armor they take to the the streets with a mean streak a mile wide.

Founded by Jason 'Cricket' MacGregor over fifteen years ago who followed a more traditional idea Scots heritage. But with the rise of popularity things changed by those who started falling in with his lot. Jason doesn't really care about the changes, he just sets back enjoying the cash, alcohol and women that his movement now provides him. Watching the carnage from a distance and occasionally joining it when it comes close to home.

Appearance wise they do love to dress up for the part. Wearing kilts in their own tartan patterns, matching plaid and sporran. Growing out their hair and decorating it with beads and braids. Armored boots, leather and bits of armor are modern additions to the dress, for both protection and appearance. The female members of the gang have dropped all of the traditional highlander garb in favor of this more 'combat ready' look since they can all throw down with the best of them. Now at formal private affairs full on traditional attire is appreciated if not outright required.

As a bit of an oddity this particular gang operates both illegal and some legal activities to fund itself. On the illegal front is the usual round up; drugs, prostitution, low end arms dealing, robberies and the occasional murder for hire. On the legal end they run events that are very like the Renaissance fairs that used to be popular years back complete with all the usual trappings. However they have made their centerpiece attraction at these events a melee combat competition. So drink, buy some trinkets and then watch several competitors beat the daylights out of each other while you eat Almost Haggis flavored Almost Meat Stix. This acts as both a flow of income that they can't get in trouble for and a pool of fighters to recruit from. They also seek out sponsorships and attract all the media attention they can get.


This folks really love their melee and it shows. Usually possessing a wide variety of standard swords, knives and axes for events or just for show. But they also pack Mono weapons for when the real fights start. Using a variety of different businesses they have the standard Kendachi models heavily modified in appearance. When they are finished they look like full sized two handed swords and other weapons of that era. Having this done does cost a bit, the price of the original mono weapon and then double that price (ex a two handed broadsword would be made from a Kendachi M-33 Powersword, costing 860eb and then another 860eb to do the mods).

Now don't let them fool you. They also pack around plenty of ranged weapons as well. They know full well that sometimes bringing a gun to a knife fight is the way to win. In this area they prefer firearms that are big, heavy and just look down right ugly.


Again they really go for the look and prefer to have their body armor modified to fit in. Paying to have standard body armor appear to be plate metal and chain. Like weapons this is all cosmetic and only affects the look and you figure the cost in the same way.


One of the biggest vices of this gang (well besides heavy alcohol consumption) is their preference to use drugs. Stim, Speedheal, 'Dorph and Smash are regularly found among the members in great quantities just for personal use. It is rare to come across a group where some of them aren't tripping on something. They buy, sell and trade just about any other type of illegal narcotic that you can think of as well. Rumor has it they also use a specialized drug they've nicknamed 'The Quickening', a bright neon blue injections that is said to cut back the affects of addiction. So far nobody has acquired a sample since they keep really tight control over this if it even exists.

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  1. Niiice! CP and Highlander is a perfect mix, and redeems the movie sequels.