Friday, July 22, 2016

Court of Bathory - quick preview

Working on writing up an occult/horror sourcebook. One group in it is 'The Court of Bathory'.  Here is a quick look at the power structure within the cult itself.  Having to rewrite a good chunk of what I have though, went to having the group being a bit to large and need to scale them back a bit.  Hopefully as I get it redone I'll be putting more stuff up.

Hierarchy Among the Court

They have an established pecking order in place. Along with a designated name for each level that one may attain.

Countess – The overall head of the entire Court. This would be Anna Darvulia who is still in control after centuries.

Ladies Maid – Members who are of the top most inner circle answering only to the Countess.

Governess – The ones who test the potential recruits to see if they are worthy. Then responsible for their training afterward.

Lady – Those who have been initiated into the Court. Answering to the Ladies Maid or Governess above them.

Lady-in-Waiting – Recruits who are trying to earn their place in the Court. Doing whatever their assigned Governess requests without hesitation.

Footman – The only rank that males may reach within the Court. Considered to be 'owned' by whichever member they worked for. Most possess very specific skill sets or talents that are hard to come by.

Maidservants – Those who are to be used for sacrifices. Many of them believe themselves to be Ladies-in-Waiting and do not suspect anything of their fate until it is to late.

Common terms for those outside of the Inner Circle.

Gamekeeper – A person, usually male, who is used for acquiring young women for the Court.

Coachman – Someone whose job it is to transport members of the court from location to location. Also used as a reference to people who transport victims and potential members as well.

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