Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jaded Gamer Diary - You two don't mean shit.

Okay I just want to say a few things to the OSR and Storygamer crowd out there.  Actually I want to say it to those who think they are the big guns of these movements... the movers, the shakers... oh and the assholes. 

Nobody fucking cares.  Really I want to say that nicely but it's pretty true.  At the local shops around here nobody knows, much less cares, about either movement.  One person runs Fantasy Roleplaying, one.  Can get in on a DnD 5ed game easily though or if you want to GM you can have a line of folks wanting in. 

A couple of the local cons I've been to.  Nobody spoke of either movement.  I've seen one game of Dungeon World being ran.  Again you want some DnD though, they got you covered.  Maybe some Palladium stuff, Sla Industries or even some AFMBE.  People know those games.

So before you get on some soapbox about how the other movement is trying to 'change gaming as we know it' or 'trying to keep any progression from ever happening' think about this.  Nobody gives a shit except for your own little round about group of fans online.  Most gamers out there it seems never heard of you, they may have heard of a couple of the 'big' games each side has produced.  But the movements?  Nope. 

So go huddle with your John Tarnowskis, Zak Smiths, Vincent Bakers and whoever the hell else loves to think they stride above the rest of the world.  Most gamers couldn't give a fig about you.

Now before anybody jumps up backing John and Zak about how they were consultants on the new version of DnD I want to remind you all of one thing.  Nobody outside of those two has said anything about the supposed influence they had.  It's almost like the security guard saying the big bosses listen to him at the factory he 'protects'.  Nobody ever says anything about not listening to him but they also never mention him at any other time either.  It's easy to say you were all sorts of involved when you are the only one talking. But hey, one didn't even know Monte Cook was leaving the development team until he was already gone, even though he claimed to be in daily contact with him.  Sort of puts things in perspective of who seems to have an exaggerated claim doesn't it?

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