Thursday, July 28, 2016

OSR vs SG and the bullshit in between

OSR and Storygamers.  Fight!  Or not actually.

One thing I've noticed is the name calling between these two 'sides' by some of the louder more venomous members of the two 'factions'.  So I figured I would drop my opinions on a couple of their shrieks.

I've seen claims that the OSR is full of conservative right wing nut jobs.  Okay first I will go with a broad look at the gaming fandom that I'm familiar with.  Most gamers I have discussed politics seem to be leaning to the left.  Maybe not a great deal but over towards that liberal side at least a little.  Coming across a conservative is a rare thing to me, although I do know a couple.  Now my lurking on OSR boards and following a few blogs I have to say that I do see more right leaning political opinions than I do normally among gamers.

Again not a great deal but more than just the normal.  BUT this may have more to do with traditional political values among a group that has a larger older membership.  Folks who have gone grey over the years as they have continued to enjoy their hobbies and games.  So yeah I see more right leaning folks over in the OSR than I do in most gaming 'divisions' but not very many full blown hard core Conservatives who hate everything that is different.  I mean after all, gaming itself is different from the mainstream norm.

What I have noticed in the OSR is a larger portion of assholes though.  Tooth gnashing people who think anything other than what they like in gaming is wrong.  They will rant against 'onetruewayism' in one breath and then tell you the one true way it should be done in the next.

Now I know this is all just observation and viewing from a distance.  But it's not like I can put a survey out and get honest answers.  It would be like asking a bunch of soccer moms if they've ever looked up interracial porn before.  You know that the honest truth and what you will be told are going to be quite different.

 Then we have the accusation that Storygamers are nothing but a lot of SJW's (Social Justice Warriors to those who don't know... all two of you).  Now again I've lurked in a lot of places and follow a lot of blogs, I'm a gaming opinion addict, I can't help it.  Well I do have to say there seem to be more SJW's or people leaning towards that in the Storygamer folks.  But, just like the OSR crowd, not nearly the number people are claiming.  However the ones there tend to be really, REALLY, vocal about it.  But in equal number are some people are really vocal about just getting along and letting everybody else be.  For some reason these people are also labelled SJW's by people to ignorant to actually pay enough attention to tell the difference.

Myself I don't deal well with loud SJW type people.  I pretty much put them at the same level as Gamergate and MRA folks.  I've blocked and been blocked by plenty on all sides.  Which actually helps my signal to noise ratio on social networks I'll tell ya. 

What I do see a good chunk of on BOTH sides is a nice little lot of liars.  These are the people screaming out all sorts of slights, harassment and threats have been made.  But yet when anybody else claims this they call them out and demand proof... even though they never could produce any to back their own claims.  They also say the other is trying to destroy the hobby or that there is some big massive conspiracy to undermine the entire gaming scene.  But zero proof of course. 

Sometimes I love not being part of any specific group other than 'tabletop gamer'.  My interests are wide and I like to try new stuff from time to time.  On my shelf is Dogs in the Vineyard, BECMI Dungeons and Dragons, Circle of Hands, Over the Edge, Cyberpunk 2020, Fantasy Roleplaying and so much more. 

I also love the fact that there is a lot (and I mean a LOT) of good material out there.  That way when one of the assholes or liars is producing something that people are saying is good.... I can walk the other way and put money into the hands of somebody who is not an asshole for the really good product they made.  The variety is so great you are not missing out if you spend your dollars based on who you want to have your money.  Instead of feeling you have to buy something despite your personal thoughts about the people who put it out. 

Anyways, I'm done.  More Jaded Gamer Diary entries will be coming I'm sure.  Because I'm just a little bit of an asshole myself.  Just not all the time and just not that loud.

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