Sunday, June 26, 2016

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Been looking at picking up Advanced Fighting Fantasy here over the last few days.  After reading over the quickstart it looks to be pretty much exactly what I want in a simple fantasy system.  It's based off of the old Fighting Fantasy choose your own adventure books (a system I was trying to emulate last year in a homebrew).  Now with my love of the old Sorcery! and Warlock of Firetop Mountain books this seems right up my alley.

The overall system is dirt simple, 2D6 and roll under for stat checks, for combat 2D6 + Skill Stat + any modifiers vs opponents roll of the same thing.  A D6 roll to determine damage based off of the weapon.  Looks to be a really good system for me.  While there doesn't seem to be a strong fan base here in the states there is a good one overseas.  I'll just have to do a little work to help build up some steam for it here locally whenever I get it.

But sadly, like most everything else I've wanted lately, it doesn't appear to be available through general distribution channels here in the United States anymore.  So I can't get it through my friendly local game shop where I have store credit available to pay for the book.  Also I don't have enough credit with Drivethru through the affiliate program to get it either.  With my extra funds floating around zero right now with my wedding coming up I can't spend anything straight out of pocket currently.  So I'm having to wait, eventually it will be mine.

Oh and I don't pirate games either so that isn't an option that I even consider.

For anyone else who is interested here are some quick drivethru links. 

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Quickstart rules.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2nd Ed

AFF Heroes Companion

The Arion Games website for AFF

It looks to be very worth looking into for anyone who wants a rules simple fantasy game system.  And yes I will get a few pennies in kickback if you use the links above and purchase anything (same with the links over on the right) but I have to try.

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