Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cyberpunk Sunday 2.019 Bitcoin, cybersex and drones

First off lets take a look at the downside of the Bitcoin.  In the form of disappearing exchanges and Bitcoin 'banks'.  See the problem with having a virtual currency without any real backing is that the 'banks' for this currency really don't have any real backing as well.  So if you're not careful all your coins just up and go poof.

Bitcoin exchange gbl holding 4.1 billion vanishes

Then on to the creepy side.  We all know cybersex is a big thing in various areas of the net.  Now somebody in Japan (really is that a surprise?) has taken it to a whole new level.  Using the Oculus Rift they are taking the VR Tenga where all the perverts knew it was going.  Yes this thing even has a robotic hand attachment for... well... just go read the article and watch the video if you dare. 

Japan unveils virtual sex machine video

Now we also have DRONES!  I think I could start up a 'drone saturday' article series on these.  This time I link to a site that lists even more links.  Called the 'covert drone war' you can find all the latest in news about the darker side of the use of drones.  From innocent civilians being killed, faulty equipment and more.

Covert drone war

So it was weekly this time around.  Hopefully I get enough for another next week.

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