Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cyberpunk Sunday 2.018 Urban decay, palaces, style and glospex.

First up this week is a tower of urban decay.  Johannesburg Africa, where one of the tallest ever attempts at a residential skyscraper sits and slowly falls into ruin.  All sorts of restarts, false starts and stoppages have plagued this building.  An awesome sight of what could have easily doubled for a block in Judge Dredd. 

Dark Tower: a symbol of urban decay

The wealthy have few limits on building their homes.  Now we are seeing a new trend of urban palaces sprouting up in New York.  Where the rich will buy buildings and turn them into their own personal living space in the middle of dense urban sprawl.  How long before parts of the city become filled with these?

NYTimes: Palaces in the making.

Stylin' and profilin'.  A friend over on Facebook sent me this link.  So now the sharp dressed executive can rest more assured that their clothing can be made bulletproof.  Carbon nano-tube technology mixes with upper class style.  Nice to know that the rich and well off can afford this....

Bulletproof suit absorbs small arms fire

This time I'll end with a link to a project over on Indiegogo that could use a little bit of attention.  GloSpex make glasses that emit light out in one direction, giving you that glowing lens without burning out your retinas.  I've got two sets of the first generation run of their original design and they are pretty sweet.  A bit rough around the edges but as a first gen that is expected.  I'm sure these will be of a much higher quality.  Go give them a bit of support.

New Glospex on indiegogo

See you in two weeks.  Maybe one if I stumble across enough articles.

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