Sunday, November 3, 2013

Binding up stuff.

Probably one of the better investments I've made over the years. A Combind for spiral binding game stuff. Bound up several printed off books, adventures and what not.  Also been toying with the idea of producing a small 25 to 35 page game book and selling it in this format.  Crank it out at home, old school indie publishing style (original definition of indie not the bullshit forge version).  Or even trying to start up Inner Voice in this manner as a black and white zine.
As for the picture on the left is the Little Fears Nightmare Edition playtest stuff from several years back. I put it into three sections for easier r...eference when I was doing the playtest for Jason L Blair.
Bottom right is 100 Horror Adventure Seeds from Postmortem Studies done up in two sections as I didn't have the bigger binder strips at the time.  Got some use out of it even before I bound it up
Then finally there in the center is the WaRP SRD that I've been flipping through a lot lately while working on my game. I've gotten more done up like this but they are in boxes in storage at the moment.
Anybody else bind up their stuff like this?

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