Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rant - What is really hurting the hobby.

Really?  Just.... really?

One thing I really can't stand in the hobby nowdays is the division between the various groups supporting different playstyles.  I understand there being differences, that the games one group likes the other doesn't.  What I don't understand is the unending amount of hate flung back and forth between the two.  The completely imaginary 'war' that some see (and fail to see just how stupid it looks to anybody on the outside of the 'battle lines'). 

The Ego's of some of these people... that is the real kicker here, the part that really sets my teeth on edge.  When people claim that they are the ones to set THE definition of what a RPG is and nobody else can claim otherwise.  When people claim others have suffered legitimate brain damage from playing a certain game.  The edition warriors who outright attack anybody who says anything negative about their favorite... or anything positive about the edition they don't like. 

Some of these outright assholes need to seriously GROW THE HELL UP.  All those riding along on their coat tails need to learn to stand on their own two feet.  Actually there needs to be a lot of growing up by several people.  Hell even I could benefit from doing a bit more of it.  But it's hard and to many people just don't want to do anything that requires effort.

In the end if the gaming hobby is at risk of tipping over dead or falling to pieces then this is the reason.  It will be killed from the inside by people like this.  By the division they create.


  1. I dunno... I think it shows passion, dedication. Organized sports certainly don't seem to suffer from all the fighting between fans of various teams, arguments over whatever.
    Show me a hobby with no petty squabbles and THAT will be a dead one.

  2. The big problem is that nerds and geeks have a tendency to be obsessive (Star Wars vs Star Trek), as such strong opinions, attitudes, and egos will conflict. I have yet to find a system that I truly hate, personally for most part I dislike 4e and moreso how it was handled (I blame Hasbro) but there are redeeming features to it as well, but I have run into to people that hate another system simply because it is "such and such" or made by "whomever."

  3. It is much easier to criticize then do the hard work of being a good player, a worker among fellow workers, as it were.