Saturday, July 20, 2013

Funny hat characterization random chart

Funny hat characterization is when you give a character a noticeable sign that makes them stand out.  Commonly used as the first bit of description when that character is seen again later so the reader/player/viewer/whatever knows immediately who it is.  So here is a random chart to let you roll up a bit of funny hat for an NPC or three.


1 – Severe overbite to the point where their eye teeth are constantly visible.

2 – Nose is crooked and bent from being broke multiple times.

3 – Missing a pinky finger easily visible since they move their hands when they talk.

4 – Scar across their forehead.

5 – Walks with a noticeable limp and sometimes uses a cane.

6 – Stands hunched over and complains of their bad back.

7 – Missing an eye and has a collection of colorful eye patches that they wear.

8 – Right arm is always bandaged up and they don't move it much.

9 – Their hair is balding in random patches.

10 – False teeth that are to large and very noticeable.

11 – Keeps clothes spotlessly clean, or at least attempts to.

12 – Missing an ear.

13 – Red gem embedded in their skin at the base of their throat.

14 – Always wears a worn out military uniform.

15 – Hair is always an unruly mess.

16 – Changes the color of their hair constantly, always to bright colors.

17 – Their eyes bug out and are always looking around nervously.

18 – Always wears some sort of dog collar.

19 – Never sits down, always pacing back and forth.

20 – Keeps an unlit cigar or cigarette in their hand, never smokes it.

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