Saturday, July 13, 2013

I found what in my bag of holding? Part 2

My Bag of Holding had what inside? Part 2
The first batch of twenty random things seemed to get a few likes so I came up with a second list.  Hope you enjoy.

1 – A chess piece (Knight) carved out of black stone.

2 – Quiver of old warped arrows.

3 – A water damaged cookbook on how to prepare various dishes using snails.

4 – Ring with four skeleton keys on it.

5 – Pair of leather gloves made for somebody with six fingers.

6 – Box with four very old and dried cigars inside it.

7 – A pink handkerchief with lace trim that smells of perfume.

8 – Deck of cards but each card has a completely different back.

9 – Box with a bottle of dried ink and a writing quill.

10 – Empty vial labeled 'Unicorn Blood'.

11 – Two toy wooden swords.

12 – Leather pouch containing random mix of wooden beads.

13 – Bottle of wine, well aged and rather good. No label.

14 – Sectioned box, each section has a small jar filled with a different kind of sand in each one.

15 – A three foot section of leather strap.

16 – An ordinary broom.

17 – Common cookbook with burnt edges.

18 – Three vials of 'Fresh Breath' potion.

19 – A 20gp marker from a high class gambling hall.

20 – Shoe horn, made of wood and rather old.

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