Sunday, July 7, 2013

I found what in my bag of holding?

I've never seen a player use their bag of holding only for good stuff. They toss of every scrap and bit into there so it's out of the way. So why would the previous owner be any different? Here is a quick little chart to give a bit of variety to what they find inside. Roll a D20 and give them something to scratch their head over.

1 – An incomplete deck of playing cards.

2 – A D6 of torches that have burnt to a stump.

3 – A rat skull with runes painted on it.

4 – 3 shiny copper pieces.

5 – A scale from some sort of large reptile.

6 – An empty water skin.

7 – A blacksmiths hammer.

8 – Small block of wax.

9 – An empty wasp nest.

10 – Lock of long black human hair.

11 – Two feet of rusty chain.

12 – A small vial filled with Oregano.

13 – Handful of small bird feathers.

14 – Sewing needle and half a spool of thread.

15 – Nice black leather boot, the left foot and no sign of the right.

16 – Unused sheet of parchment.

17 – Scrap of paper with writing in an unknown language.

18 – Set of eyeglasses with one lens broken.

19 – Pair of worn riding gloves.

20 – Crumpled up map with no writing of an unknown land.

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