Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cyberpunk Sunday 001

Back when Max had PsychoThriller going I used to do a little thing called Cyberpunk Sunday. That is where every sunday I would post up links that had some sort of connection to the cyberpunk genre, sometimes it was the latest real life tech advances, other times it was social statements, along with other various things. I've decided to restart that a bit.

So with this first installment (this time around) I'll start with some of the more depressing aspects of cyberpunk. One is a look at pollution the other a visual report on homelessness. So here we go.

This first one I've posted up on my facebook page recently but it's quite the amazing little news article. It's about the dumping of e-waste, waste directly related to technological advancement and us pushing the old and out dated into the trash. It all goes somewhere and in this case it's Ghana. Massive amounts of tossed off computers, electronics and other such products. The environmental and society risks posed by it are looked at.

Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground

Next up is a visual look at the homelessness problem in China. Showing the kind of shelters that are provided and how they live. There is no article to accompany this, just the pictures. In most cyberpunk setting the population is crushed in on top of itself and unemployment is high so things like this is what one would see walking through various streets or shelters.

Homeless Shelters

Take these two little bites with you the next time you dive into your cyberpunk world. Hopefully I'll have a couple more links for you soon. This may become an every other Sunday event instead of every week.

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