Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BG woes part two

Okay so now I think I can figure out why the BOA gear is creating a worse situation in the battlegrounds than the old twink folks used to.

I've seen a lot of people over the time I've been playing remark that the lower level BGs are more enjoyable. So a lot of folks want to stay around that level and keep playing them. Now in the old way you just stopped questing and did only PvP since you gathered no xp. Well some folks whould have their high end guildmates run them through dungeons over and over getting all the powerful gear drops. They would also farm gold with their higher levels and send it to their pvp toon to buy the best gear with. Then once they hit around level 18 they stopped doing anything to gain xp. Maxed out great gear for that level which is something most casual players don't have. This is called Twinking.

People started complaining about this because it made it harder for anybody who doesn't have a guild backing them to put together a toon that compete. So after a while Bliz did two things to try and fix this. First they made PvP grant xp. Second they allowed for people to xp lock their toons so they won't level up but they would also be put in special BGs where you fight only other level locked opponents.

Up until this point twinkers always claimed they liked to fight other twinks and didn't go into BG's just to kill all the ungeared noobs. So now this give them their wish. But guess what? Those BGs were nearly always empty. People weren't signing up to fight in them with their twinks. Why? Because fighting other twinks is hard and they really just wanted to go gank noobs.

The option left to them is making a toon, gearing them out and then twinking for only a level or two before they more out of that range. Then if they want to fight that again they have to make another toon, gear them out again and wash rinse repeat. This takes work over and over for each toon.

Then with WotLK come heirlooms. They adjust to the level of whatever toon they go on and can be traded back and forth between your toons since they don't soulbond. So now this gives them a new option. They work their high level toons quite a bit and buy the heirlooms and send it to their toon. They gear up and go right into the BGs (some of it being in gear slots that you can't get anything for at that level otherwise) and twink until they level out. Then they make a new toon and send all the gear to that one via the good ole mailbox. You see that? They only have to work for that gear one time. It's become easy.

End result is that now there are more twinks ever before. Which isn't the original goal for the heirlooms but it's the way they are being used.

So now if you want to try out battlegrounds you had better level to 85 and grind some instances for a while. That way your pvp toon can at least survive. Want to play a bit on another server? Might as well forget about doing the BGs until you max out a toon first.

Anyways... I'll stop now.

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