Friday, May 20, 2011

BG woes....

I think who ever at Blizzard thought it was a good idea to drop he graveyard in Warsung Gulch to the level it's at now needs to be fired. Seriously this has really broke that BG. Most of the battles I've been in have ended up as a GY camp. The side with the most BOA's on their toons pushes the other team back and blocks them in. This is really bad on the lower level BG's.

So unless you have an 85 that has farmed up plenty of points to buy your lower level toon all of the BOA's don't even bother going into a random. Seriously this is to the point of being worse than when twinked out toons were the problem.

BOA's basically recreated the twinks all over again but at least before when there was an attempted camp on the GY you had another way or two out. Either back into the keep and down the tunnel or down the ramp on the far side. Now there is one way out of the GY and that's back into the campers.

Yeah. So here lately when my random BG pops up Warsung Gulch I simply afk out and take the fifteen minute cowardice debuff and wait. They've taken one of the best, and well built battle grounds and screwed it up with one stroke.

Good job Blizzard.....

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