Friday, April 15, 2016

Villians & Vigilantes is back!

Well it looks like an agreement has been reached in the lawsuit over the ownership of this game.  It's back in the hands of Jeff Dee who created it many years ago. 

Here is an article covering some basics of what happened:


So now the game is being released through Monkey House Games and you can get the pdf versions through OBS at the following sites:

Monkey House Games on Drivethru

Monkey House Games on RPGNow

So one of the best early superhero games is once again available and in production with new material coming out.  About damn time if you ask me.  I wish them all the best of luck on this.  Now while they didn't win the full lawsuit in court and a settlement of some sort has been released there are some fuzzy details we will most likely never know.  However Jeff Dee and associates seem very pleased with the outcome. 

Now I'm tempted to run a supers game again.  Last few times I have it didn't go so well as that genre, while one of my faves as a player, is a thorn in my side to run as a gamemaster.  It just doesn't work when I do it.  But still I may try again after hearing about this.

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