Saturday, April 16, 2016

RPGers support your FLGS

The other day I was up at the local K and A Games (my local FLGS) and talking with one of the owners (Kevin).  Topic at hand was the resurrection of WEG and support of the D6 game line.  While he is happy to see one of his favorite systems coming back he was a bit bummed as well.  From everything he had heard it was going to be doing books through POD which doesn't allow him to really support them at a store level.  He understand the business reasons behind the move and that it makes sense to go that route when restarting a company back up.  But he can't really support it that much (or himself by doing so). 

This got me to thinking about how much of the smaller press game market has vanished from the brick and mortar scene.  Going with a model that has a much lower risk involved.  So for those who do like those games it becomes tougher for them to support their favorite store as well. 

Now as you may well know I'm a big supporter of supporting your local brick and mortar.  I try to buy what I can from the local shop even though it seems a bit sparse now days.  Most of what I pick up are odd ball out of print items that most have never heard of.  But I still spend some of my hard earned money there and I encourage others to do so as well.  Even if it's just a new set of dice every little bit will help.

Getting involved can be one of the bigger ways to show your support.  Drop in for a store ran game or volunteer to run one yourself.  If the shop carries drinks and snacks then buy them there and encourage other players to do the same.  See if there are any special events, panels or workshops that you can attend, I volunteered to help the local shop run GM and Player discussion groups.  This can help draw new people in and help both the shop with sales and you with new players.

So Dig Where You Stand and help your local shop survive and flourish a bit.  Well if the F in FLGS stands for 'friendly'.  I can firmly understand somebody not supporting a shop that isn't friendly or doesn't care about their customers.

That's my two cents for today.

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