Monday, April 4, 2016

Jaded Gamer Diary seriously fuck these guys

Am I the only person who gets a bit pissed off at this?  A woman comes forth with a story about how she was mistreated or threatened by others in the gaming community.  Several guys come forward saying she can't substantiate the claim so she must be telling a lie or looking for attention. 

I swear this is how it goes every damned time. To make it even more obvious about their shitty attitude is that a lot of time it's the same people.  James Desborough and John Tarnowski (aka RPGPundit aka Kasimir Urbanski) are the first that seem to pop on almost every occasion.  Claiming that the woman making the accusation is out for attention when they themselves are the most obvious attention whores of all time. 

They seem to fail to notice, or simply don't care, that it's always a different person making these claims.  Or that several others chime in with their own incidents once the first speaks up.  Doesn't matter to them.  Women say they've been harassed and these white guys stand up and say that they haven't.  You see it's because jack asses like these guys evidently have this thought in their head that if you don't agree with everything they say then you must be some SJW wacko.  They don't see the broad swath of folks in between the extremes.

There have been a lot of people over the last few years talking about how women and people of differing ethnic backgrounds have been treated by a small selection of gamers.  Most of the people talking about this being women and folks of differing ethnic backgrounds.  Not to mention a good selection of other saying they have seen it as well, some may not have did anything about it at the time but now realize just how harmful it is. 

But don't worry a tiny handful of white guys along with the two mentioned will assure you that nothing is actually happening at all.  So just ignore all these people saying there is something wrong because there isn't, continue on. 

You know what?  Fuck those guys and their little stragglers and wanna be's that follow them.  I've seen it happen and I believe that others have seen it as well and I'm going to speak out about it.  They don't like?  Well they can go fuck themselves.

End of Line.

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