Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kult CCG alternative Major Arcana and tournament rules

For a while the Kult CCG was getting a bit popular where I lived.  Was looking into starting up some sort of league play for it including coming up with new cards, tournament rules, etc.  Here are some of the ideas we had. 

Tournament and league play rules.

Major Arcana over rule Minor Arcana in all rule disputes.
When Major Arcana rules conflict with each other, the one with the highest Hierarchy + Pop Markers wins.

Cards restricted to one per deck.
Astaroth Stirs
Out of Control
Fettered is limited to the number of players with a max of 3.

New Major Arcana

The Upstart
Choose the four suits it has and it's color.  No powers and hierarchy = 0.

Hammad Al-Sufi the Dream Prince
Purple, Crescent x3 and an Eye.
All Pawns of Dreams and spell casters have +3 to CV and may cast dream spells without a suit match.
Hierarchy = 11

Maximillian, Prince of Fools
Purple, Eye x3 and a Skull
All Pawns of Madness and spell casters have +3 to CC and may cast madness spells without a suit match.
Hierarchy = 11

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