Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jaded Gamer Diary - People love to hate

People love to hate.  This is true of just about any group of people.  Anything negative and they will go all apeshit and response with more negativity causing even more to be created in it's process.  Although I have noticed to groups who love to wallow in the hate more than any other.  Those who are 'devoutly' religious and those who are gamers. 

Case in point, my Jaded Gamer Diary entries get more traffic than anything positive I've done.  Same with my Be A Better Player articles which are filled with snark and even the very short lived Rules For Asshole GM's got a lot of hits (I really need to restart that one). 

But a really nice showing of this happened recently.  Just a few scant weeks before John Wick blew the fucking roof off the mother with his 7th Sea second edition Kickstarter he wrote up an article that pissed off so many people.  I mean folks were downright angry over it.  But he also wrote a follow up article that was almost universally ignored. 

First he posted up "The Worst Adventure of All Times" in which he named 'Tomb of Horrors' the winner of that title.  Then he posted up "The Best Adventure of All Times" right after with the original 'Ravenloft' adventure getting the call.

Worst Adventure got 13k+ facebook shares, shitloads of comments, counter articles and people gnashing at the teeth over it  Best Adventure got 392 facebook shares, 13 comments (some of them still bitching about the Worst Adventure) and almost zero reaction.  It's all about the hate.

So next time you find yourself bitching about somebody being negative towards something about the gaming hobby you happen to like think for a moment.  Wouldn't it be more constructive to point out something positive?  Maybe add something to the hobby?  Well the answer is NO, it wouldn't amount to anything more than a small turd in a sewage plant because nobody really fucking cares about the positive things.

Hell why do you think I keep writing these things.

Oh you can find John Wicks articles over at his site:

Now go bitch at somebody about how much of a dick I am.

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