Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jaded Gamer Diary Kult Divinities Joke


Well the new edition of Kult (aka Kult Divinity Lost) has me laughing even more now.  Originally I was staying the hell away from it because of the system they have decided to use.  Not to mention their claims of how the system 'fades' and all that.  See one of my previous Jaded Gamer Diary entries to read what I said earlier.  But now I have something more to laugh at.

Variant cover editions. 

Okay first off they are doing a standard game store copy version.  Then a copy of that won't be of game stores with the same covers except the woman on the cover has her breasts exposed.  Yes that's right there is a nipple edition.  Then a pure white cover edition, a red cover limited edition and then a blue limited edition.  THEN two other really limited editions (10 copies of each) with each copy being unique in some way.  THEN two one of a kind editions (only one copy of each) with exclusive material in each one. 

Talk about trying to bleed your fans dry.  What the fuck is this the comic industry in the nineties?  Waiting for the announcement of a trigate fold embossed holofoil edition now.  Can we get them polybagged with one of twelve different chase cards inserted randomly into each one?  If I order ten do I get a alternate art cover?  Shit, shouldn't be giving them any ideas there.

Then there is the absolute kicker here.  The price announced so far. 

"Price levels are not yet finalized, but the Illusion and Enlightened editions will be around $80, given the high quality production values.."

Just so you know the 'Illusion' edition is the regular store version while the 'Enlightened' edition is the nipple version.  Don't even want to think about how much those limited editions are going to cost.  But yeah eighty bucks for a RPG core book.  I think some others summed it up quite nicely.

"wow! 80$ is 60% more than Eclipse Phase Core rulebook with 400 pages..."

"Recognizing a KS has inherent project risk that can only be mitigated so much, $80 USD for a RPG game hardcover is too much for me. I really didn't expect this cost tier. I expected something like $50."

"$80 for one hardcover rulebook. Wow."

"80$ for actual play book...
How much will cost the pdf pledge?"

Yeah so some displeasure among fans over the estimated price point.  Especially for a fan base that has a habit of trying to collect everything for a game.  Personally it sounds to me like trying to milk a fanbase for every cent you can right off the bat. 

I was nope before on the game system they were going to use.  I am full on 'fuck that shit' now over the purchase cost and idiotic amount of variants they are doing.

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  1. That's just silly.
    I didn't like it when DCC did it (does it) and that's a game I play and like.
    Also, boutique price for something I was at most only going to mine for ideas? Nope.