Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jaded Gamer Diary Kult fecal factor

It simply keeps getting deeper and deeper the more I look at the Kult Divinity Lost Kickstarter.  Seriously it does. 

Apparently they also don't want to hear from their backers about the system unless they spend $176 or over.  Because at that level you get:

* Access to the KULT Collector’s Forum, with previews, discussions, and early playtest access to the game before release."

So feedback and playtesting is restricted to those willing to drop more cash.  Which falls right into some thoughts on why they are being so hush hush on the rules.  They want people to back at these high levels so afterwards they can be the ones to actually see the rules. 

Really it seems like a blatant cash grab from fans no matter how you look at it.  Now let's see what other nuggets I can find.

What is the Player's Guide, exactly?
Exactly, we don’t know yet. We have a general idea, and it will be easy-to-access info that the players need at character generation and during actual play. Also, equipment stats, condensed versions of basic rules, etc.

The Players Guide is something they are offering as an add-on and they don't know what is going to be in it.  Yeah great planning there folks.

Will the KULT Bible,KULT Screen and similar add-ons be available once the Kickstarter concludes?
At this moment in time, the only confirmed items in this Kickstarter campaign that will be available after it is finished is the ILLUSION EDITION, the ENLIGHTENED EDITION, and the ELYSIUM EDITION

So in this world of print on demand they may not make the GM Screen or the bible available except to those who back the Kickstarter.  This smells like they only have plans to do what they have for this Kickstarter and then be done with the game if you ask me.

Now as for the rules all we are getting is the same example from their Facebook post only worded a little bit different.  PbtA fans are saying it looks like PbtA while some of the people running the Kickstarter are saying it's roots are in PbtA but it's not.  So far the only real changes they have mentioned are they are using D10's as the dice and the GM determine bad outcomes.

Last but not least I have to ask.

Why the fuck are people backing this sight unseen?  All they have given are some pretty pictures, promises and vague badly worded examples. 

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