Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#RPGaDay2015 Favorite RPG Publisher

Okay for this late #RPGaDAY2015 entry I'm going to do favorite RPG publisher.  Actually it's going to be a few publishers.  As some were great back in the day and have fallen to the side and I feel they need mentioning.

First lets go with a current small publisher.  One I'm sorta biased on since I know the husband and wife behind it.  They produce some great looking material like this:

Second Thought games has produced a small handful of products so far.  All funded through Kickstarter and amazingly enough they've only ran a month late on getting the print products out (pdfs arrived early or on time).  Mostly system neutral adventures that are well thought out and complete with some nice looking maps either inside or as poster in the above product.  They have also done a textbook style guide to potions and oils with another textbook for poisons planned for the near future. 

You can find them on Drivethru here.

Now onto my second favorite RPG publisher.  One that has sort of gone by the side lately, with a late Kickstarter and their last few regular products being somewhat lackluster.  But when they were hitting it with full force they put out some classics like this.

R. Talsorian games.  Most people don't realize just how much material Mike Pondsmith and his small crew of freelancers put out.  From a genre defining game like Cyberpunk to one of the early 'storygame' type of products like Castle Falkenstein.  They really set a mark for creating some really diverse products, something rare for back in the day.  I know Mike is working on a comeback with Mekton, a new edition of Cyberpunk and a Witcher licensed game.  Hopefully it all works out well and it happens.

Check them out on RPGNow.

Hope to have another #RPGaDAY2015 post ready soon!

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