Saturday, July 26, 2014

#RPGaDAY participation post

Starting August first this blog will be getting a little bit busy.  I've decided to take part in the #RPGaDAY idea and each days post will be on here.  Currently I'm writing them out ahead of time and scheduling them to go up at 10:30 AM each day.  Got up to number ten done and I'm still moving on ahead.  Not sure if I'll be linking to them every day from my G+, Facebook and Twitter accounts though.  But I will be for some of the more interesting days.

Also I would like to link to blogs that are going to be participating in this as well.  So if you are one of those shot me a link either in the comments to this post or to me via one of the social networks I'm on.  I'll compile a list and make a post linking to them all the day before it all starts.  Then as the month goes along I'll add in links to blogs I discover.  Hopefully this will help others out with a 'Who is participating? Go here!" sort of thing.

Hope to see some interesting stuff staring August first.

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  1. I'll be participating at!