Friday, July 18, 2014

Idiots who don't understand comic books storylines.

I've never seen so many people who have never read comics getting all upset about changes taking place in the storylines now. As a person who has read comics for years I'm stunned by what the hell they are throwing a fit over.  Really?  Changes?  Lets talk about the outrage and changes.

Outrage over The Falcon taking on the role of Captain America after Steve gets the super soldier serum in him removed by a bad guy.  Okay lets see. Caps been dead a few times, replaced in a major fashion at least twice that I can remember, been a vigilante all sorts of other stuff.

Outrage over a female taking the mantle of Thor.  Thor does something wrong and looses the right to wield the hammer, a female (probably asgardian) picks it up and carries on the fight.  Okay Thor has been a freaking frog before, replaced once that I can remember, been unable to heal wounds and had special 'Iron Man' arm armor for a broken arm, I think he's died as well.

Outrage over Iron Man making a new all silver armor suit and moving operations to San Francisco.  Tony Stark has had more armor styles than most folks have underwear, has been and alcoholic, paralyzed from the waste down, been replaced as Iron Man by Rhodey, not sure if he's been dead for more than an issues, not to mention turning back and forth from a nice guy to a total ass an uncountable number of times, lost his company to Stane, hell the list could go on for him.

People these are storylines, not permanent by the gods changes to the characters.  Just like Superman getting killed or being split into read and blue personalities.  Crazy stuff happens, it's what they use for a while to go some new directions and then things eventually go back to normal.  "Oh no they're changing the characters!"... no dumbass they are off on a new storyline for a while.  Get the hell over it, things will go back and then they'll change again.  Otherwise the comics would get really boring as hell after a while.

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