Monday, October 7, 2013

Are you a loser RPG player?

This one is an oldie.  I wrote this one many long years ago along with a few other 'Top Ten' style lists.  I would have to say that this is probably a bit of a precursor to a lot of my feelings that went into the 'Be A Better Player' articles that I wrote years later.  You know where you are playing in a game and most of the time you are fighting the urge to just backhand the guy next to you.  Yeah those types of players....

Top 10 things that help determine if you are a Loser RPG Player.

1. Most if not all of your modern day characters have “and wearing a black trenchcoat” in their description.

2. Most if not all of your characters know how to use fully automatic weapons effectively. Even if their occupation was something as mundane as a Librarian.
3. You purchase your characters weapons based on which ones do the most damage not by what would fit your character the most.

4. Most if not all of your characters either have no family or they are all dead just so you don’t have any strings attached.

5. You know exactly how to play a Ronin Werewolf Demon Hunter but no idea how to play a Librarian.

6. You consider most if not all of your characters to be ‘departure characters’.

7. You know exactly how to work the game system to give you the most hit points, combat actions, extra abilities, etc, and you do it on every character.

8. Most if not all of your characters see money as the main driving goal of their lives.
9. Cheat on your die rolls when creating your characters.

10. You think your characters should always be the ones in charge and that all other PCs should listen to them and look up to them in awe.


  1. Good article. I'm currently outlining another article about how to be a better player. It seems like blogs have ton of advice about how to better a better GM or Storyteller but there is a lack of articles on how to be a better player. And yes, I have seen WAY too many of these rules followed by players in VtM games in the 90s. The trench coat wearing katana wielding badass archetype has diminished but it's not completely gone.

    1. Wow, didn't notice that I had messed up the text color in the post. Fixed that now.

      Yeah I've always hated how every failure gets blamed on the GM. I've been in way to many groups where a player or players have caused all the problems. I wrote up a series of articles called "Be A Better Player", not sure if you've seen them or not. If not here is the URL where you can find links to them:

  2. werewolf ronin demon hunter IS a librarian!!! (his human form is that of Giles from Buffy!)

  3. I've pretty much always preferred mundane characters... with character. Too much magic or gun-porn and I lose track of the guy it's all hanging off of.
    In our group there's definitely one guy, he's more engaged by the number crunching than the role-playing. Which is fine... until he starts suggesting to me how I might want to 'build' my PC.