Thursday, October 3, 2013

Agents of Shield predictions

Okay going to make an "Agents of Shield" predictions post.  I'll just add to it as I either make more predictions or get proven wrong... or by some stroke of luck get proven right.  I'll add the date that the predictions were put above them as well.


More and more Coulson is suspecting something is wrong with himself.  This time he paused for a moment when uttering the 'magical place' phrase and then tried to get the information on his own recovery and was denied access.  So my prediction about him knowing there is something wrong was correct.

Don't have enough data to even think about a prediction for Skye after the new information was dropped tonight.  So as a complete outright guess I'm going to with 'probably the daughter of one of the future big bads'. 


Okay one of my first predictions "Coulson is aware that he actually did die and knows there is something 'different' about himself." is starting to show up.  Now I'm setting back thinking wouldn't it be odd if they threw us the curve ball and he really is Phil Coulson and the only thing artificial is a replacement heart or something.  But I still stand by my LMD theory.  I think he was dead for quite some time before he got turned back on though.

Fitz and Simmons will hook up.  But it'll be a long drawn out Whedon style process getting there.

They keep giving us locations without actually showing us the locations.  The Slingshot, The Sandbox... I bet some of these show up again but a few will show up in some of the upcoming movies.


I don't think the doctor is going to be showing up again.  Okay I couldn't resist that one.  Now then....

Project Centipede isn't connected to the EEA's. 

Project Centipede is part of Hydra.  Which is part of the reason they are so hot to make super soldiers.  They've seen what they can do.

Skye's parents are going to end up being dead Shield agents.  But I'll admit this isn't what I thought Skye's secret was going to be, nowhere near anything I had rolling around in my head actually.

Oh and that was a nice shout back to the first Iron Man movie.


More EEA's will show up.  That's Enemy Eyeball Agents to you all.  Whoever the EC's (Eyeball Controllers) are they aren't using alien tech because they are older than the portal.  But the time frame of the agents they took could put them around Iron Man one and Stark tech may be that advanced.  Left over group of Stane's maybe?

Coulson is not a perfect copy.  Something didn't cross over right hence the lack of muscle memory last week and the rescued EEA noticing that something was changed in him.  May have to go back and watch his previous movie appearances to see if there is something actually noticeable they are doing that I'm not noticing.  At least it gives me an excuse to watch the movies again.


Agent Coulson has died before this another time.  Like between the time tonights EEA knew him and when he met the Calvary.  Hence why one would notice and the other not.


Dr Hall will return, but that is a given.  He's going to be Graviton.  If pulled off right he could easily be the 'Magneto' for Agents of SHIELD. 

The lack of muscle memory is another sign of Coulson being an LMD.  If he hasn't figured it out himself yet he will.  I still think he suspects something.  Also the 'rusty' remarks are sorta hints at him being a machine.

The bad guy that got away is part of Hydra and will return as such. 

10-3-13 predictions so far.

Coulson is a LMD (Life Model Decoy).  Originally these were robots meant to go out and take the death shot for an intended target.  Later on they got more advanced making it a lot harder to determine if they are human or not.  Coulson is getting hurt in the series, bleeds and all that.  May be a very advanced model.  OR since everybody is saying this they could turn around and prove us all wrong.

Tahiti, it's a magical place.  This is a false memory planted into Coulson.  When he was activated as a LMD to cover up the time it took to transfer his mind into it. 

Coulson is aware that he actually did die and knows there is something 'different' about himself.

If he is a LMD then Skye will be the one to figure it out.  Most likely with her computer skills.

The Rising Tide is part of Hydra.  Although I don't think some of its members know this, including Skye.

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