Saturday, November 3, 2012

Be A Better Player 14 - This costs money

GM – Alright guys I'm glad to be starting up Deep Dungeons again. It's been a while since we've played it. Let's knock out characters and get this rolling.

Player 1 – Sweet, pass me the Players Tactics 2 book would you?

GM – Don't have that one, just the core books and none of the new stuff.

Player 2 – Well that works for me.

Player 1 – What? The new stuff has all the updated classes and new skill lists.

GM – Yes and a fifty dollar price tag. I can't justify spending that right now.

Player 3 – The regular books work fine man. Just deal okay.

Player 1 – How can you run a game if you don't have all the books? Explain that.

GM – I have what I need to run the game, I ran it fine for years with what I have. There is really no need for me to get the new stuff right now. Maybe if we really get to playing this game heavy again but until....

Player 1 – No need? Really? It's all the new stuff. The stuff people want to play.

Player 3 – Look just deal with it and make a character alright.

Player 1 – Fine but don't expect me to be happy about it.

GM – Geez man chill. Here's the character sheets fresh from the copy shop printer.

Player 1 – Oh now what the hell? The one page character sheet? Why can't you give us the four player character sheets with plenty of room to write everything on and keep it all organized.... I mean really.....

I've seen this one several times. Both as a player watching other players spout this off or as a gamemaster listening to a player go on and on about it. The one who thinks everything that is produced for the game should be made available to them. Only the best character sheets will do and don't forget to give them a sheet or two of paper to keep track of things on. All on your dime of course.

I just want to grab them by the stack and swivel, pull them over the table and yell in their face “This shit costs money dammit!”. Now I know the old saying about how roleplaying games are probably one of the cheapest hobbies to be into once you figure in the costs per hour of usage and all of that. But it still isn't cheap and it's not getting any cheaper. Expecting the guy running to game to shell out his cash over and over again for books just so you can have access to them. Well that's a bit delusional if you ask me.

Top it off with the expectation of character sheets. While I agree that getting quick copies made usually isn't that costly it still adds up over time. If you go bulk to get discount rate you run the risk of the game you are running falling out of favor for a different one or an edition change that makes the old sheet useless. Then you are stuck with a mountain of paper gathering dust. Then, as in the example, there is somebody who expects the top notch multiple page character sheets that are mostly boxes with the words “Equipment Carried”, “Family Members” or some such in them. Making up for those to lazy to organize their own notes themselves. Really how hard is it to keep track of your shit man?

If you're going to complain about this then be ready to step up and put your wallet where your mouth is. Not just for yourself either, do as you expect the GM to do and be ready to provide and share with the others at the table. You want those four page character sheets, the copy shop is right down the street or you can print them out from your computer on a printer (and get ready for it to cost, I think copier ink is the most expensive liquid on the planet or something) AND bring enough for everybody. That new book an absolute must have, then buy it and let everyone at the table use it.

As for being an ass to the game master about not providing all this stuff on his own dime. That would not be a good thing to do at my table. Just thinking about makes me want to write a GM advice article about when it's okay to be an asshole to some players.


  1. "If you're going to complain about this then be ready to step up and put your wallet where your mouth is."

    Outstanding advice! Well said!

  2. Replies
    1. Being an Athiest I think I'll pass on that.

  3. "I'm happy to take a look at it and include it if you buy it and loan it to me for awhile and everyone at the table during."


    "Find a richer DM. There's the door."

    1. I've been to the point of almost telling a couple of people just that. They beg you to run some really popular game and then when you do they complain that you don't have every book for it right at the start.

  4. Well said, sir!

    As the 'poor GM,' not only do I hate when people expect me to spend a lot of money on something, it also hurts me, personally, when I CAN'T afford to provide my players with what I feel is the best.

    I would LOVE to get the 10-sheet character records and all the latest books and miniatures and miniature terrain, an overhead projector, a computer with all the latest apps and programs that seamlessly fits into a $10,000 gaming table...I really would LOVE to do this, but alas, until someone starts paying me $3000-$5000 a month just to game my players will have to settle for the 1-2 page character sheet, bring their own pencils and dice and use pennies for mini's lol

  5. Alright so I play d&d I go through character sheets like toilet paper hahaha! 1 page sheets are good enough for me ^-^ also with the put your money where your mouth is comment. PRICELESS! anyways when your GM/DM says something maybe just thinking out loud or something and you catch what was said, flip around next time you meet up at your game night bring them something. I mean generally a GM provides almost everything in bulk and if it's not good enough for you *points at door* kick rocks I mean technically your playing on their dollar. So say makers are going out, buy new ones for em. They need help taking stuff to the car, volunteer to help then out. And no not in a kiss butt way, in a way to show you appreciate all their help.