Friday, October 19, 2012

Screams From The Outhouse - Cyberlimb Thoughts


Let's take a look at cyberlimbs a bit. Not in the losing humanity or becoming more machine. Just a quick look at some ideas on the limbs themselves. A bit how they would operate and be designed.

Unsealed systems. What you see in most cyberpunk style artwork. Require cleaning, oiling and general upkeep. This would also be the earliest type created and would create an entire secondary market of cleaning products, self done mod kits for appearances and various upgrades.

Sealed systems. Cost more but require no cleaning as everything is enclosed. One small injection port for a synthetic lubricant to be added when required and maybe one more for charging the system. A perfect location would be in the fingernails as they could operate as a covering flap when not being used.

Powering cyberlimbs. Most have a rechargeable battery pack. The body does NOT generate enough electric to power these limbs. Most have a simple plug in port like any other electrical device. Some (especially sealed systems) have built in wireless charging abilities. Wireless charging points would likely become something a business would advertise as it would be good to know that your limb is getting a charge while you enjoying your Bic Mac and fries.

Most sealed systems have a fake skin covering. The appearance would be that of regular skin and it would be set to match your current skin tone, however it would be more resistant to damage than regular human skin. Also it would me more flexible and stretch further and self repairs scrapes and small cuts. However large cuts will break the surface tension causing the entire layer to start to pull loose. Replacing the entire thing is necessary as there is no way to repair it at that point.

Due to the sealed covering and just the nature of the design sealed systems are not easily upgradable. Not to mention that some upgrades would be impossible such as hidden compartments, pop up weapons or even heavier armor. Nearly all upgrades would have to be bought at the same time you are getting the limb. Anything done afterwords would be extremely costly and take quiet a bit more time as well.

This is something to take into consideration the next time you want to take the details of your cyberpunk games to a higher level.


  1. It might be interesting to consider a damage system or bolt on which took into consideration these things. You could trade out some damage for problems with your cybernetics or implants. Or better- and applying some more costs to players- when players take damage, there's a check for problems based on that or set upkeep based on blood, dirt, torn seals arising in combat.

    1. Yeah there is all sorts of things that could be included. Not to mention if your sealed system gets breached and you don't get it repaired for a while it could potentially cause more damage than normal as the system would not be designed to handle it.

      I do like the trading out damage idea. "You get hit for ten points of damage" "Damn... okay I'll take part of that on my arm then" "Okay you are now at a negative three to do anything with that limb"