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The Last Dragon (1985)


The Last Dragon

There are plenty of bad movies out there, piss poor scripts, actors, effects, etc all rolled into one big log of crap that played out on a movie screen only to be walked out on. But then there are bad movies where the entertainment aspect somehow makes them a worth while watch. I refer to them as Great Bad Movies and they become cult classics with a hefty fan base. Now sometimes a company will try to make a bad movie to purposefully fall into that category which usually leads to an abysmal failure that nobody will ever remember. For a truly Great Bad Movie it has to be something that the people making it thought would be an actual great movie. A film they thought would rake in some bucks, get some decent reviews and be remembered fondly. But what they make is something else entirely. The Last Dragon is one of those movies.

Delphi III and Motown Productions thought they were making pure gold. Mixing the martial arts craze (which was actually starting to decline at this time) with the music video craze. Centered around a young martial arts student named Leroy Green, played by Tiamak, in his search for 'The Master' to begin his next level of training. Mixing it up with a street gang leader named Sho'nuff, a company ass named Eddie Arkadian and a host of others obstacles along the way. Not to mention being romanced by a girl named Laura and harassed by his own brother at the same time.

The plot is pretty thin. Sho'nuff wants to beat him for street cred, Eddie is after Laura and his little brother is just doing what younger siblings do. The bad guys eventually team up and Leroy has to fight his way through a final battle, win the girl and get his brother to respect him a bit. But the story isn't what really sells the movie.

Sho'nuff steals the movie. Every single scene actor Julius Carry is in he is the centerpiece despite anything else going on. The Shogun of Harlem is a scenery chewing, over the top, snarlfest of awesomeness. His entourage of gang members parade behind him wearing similar outfits reminding us all of The Warriors various medley of street thug designs. They are the bad guys without a doubt but you can't help but to want them on the screen more and more as the movie goes on.

Throughout you get music and plenty of eye candy shots of Laura played by singer Vanity. Eddie Arkadian, played by Christopher Murney, tries to get in there and ramp up his role but falls short of even becoming memorable by the time the credits roll. Leroy's entire family makes an appearance along with their hip eighties pizza parlor. Hell we even get to see the main character teach a bunch of wanna be street toughs how to play hop-scotch. Oh and we get to see somebody eating popcorn with chopsticks. How could you pass this up?

Not going to lie, I own this bad boy and it will never leave my movie library. For anybody who loves some eighties cheese piled onto some just fun to watch action without having to think very much at all... this movie is for you.

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Will somebody tell Leroy to take that thing off his head?

Although THIS is a sequel I would have loved to seen. 

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